Aspiring 3

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What a busy month it’s been!

I’ve managed to get myself a keyboard (Named Sylvia) from a friend, bought $70 in music books and have just started vocal lessons!

I like my vocal teacher and his beautiful house; he’s got all these beautiful instruments on display, a grande piano, sound proof room, studio for anyone to use (at a price of course) and he lives near my place so I simply bike over there! They said things were coming natural to me and that they could see me performing in a year. More on that when I write in my vocals catagory.

Everyday I try to do music theory for at least an hour if I can before I start playing any of my instruments.
Note name exercise stats:

Completed: 162
Errors: 24
Score: 87%
Time: 500 secs (8.33 minutes)
Average Time: 3.09 seconds


(I did pretty good on the note naming exercise but I’m still having a hard time relating the notes to the keyboard)


Piano key note reading exercise stats:

Completed: 68
Errors: 19
Score: 78%
Time: 500 secs (8.33 minutes)
Average Time: 7.35 seconds


Sometime soon I’ll be getting a bass. I spotted the most beautiful bass when I went hunting for one on Saturday but it was a $1,000 and that’s just unrealistic for a first bass. Maybe in a year, sure but not right now.

But it was truly a beautiful bass. Solid one piece body and neck of sanguine red with beautiful gold pegs and wonderful strings. I watched my friend Oscar play it (he’s a professional bass player) and even though I’m just a beginner and don’t really know too much about instruments, I was truly in love with this bass and all it’s beauty.


I love music so much…


Guitar V.1

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A week ago I picked up the guitar to try it out and I find it to be very fun to play around with –I can’t seem to put it down even at 3am! So I figured I might as well post a video of me playing around with it, again, not very good at it but we all start somewhere! 🙂

Aspiring 2

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I’m so happy everyone is thrilled by my great excitement when it comes to practicing my instruments!

Lately I’ve been focusing my attention on technique so I don’t have any bad habits when it comes to me playing (bad habits are so hard to break…
:Here are some improvements that, in my opinion, I’ve made!

Violin: I am concentrating on hitting the proper strings so I have the intelli IMT-500 tuner attatched to my violin, I also refer to my violin wall chart (looks the same as a guitar wall chart). I also have been practicing my posture and how Icradle the violin on my thumb for easy movement.
Violin V.1

Violin V.2
Vocals: Using proper abdominal muscles, where the growl comes from in the throat and how to yell out my words with a ring to it

Vocals V.1

Vocal V.2

Guitar: I just started this instrument a few days ago and so far I’ve learned the first four cords to “Sweet Home Alabama” 🙂

Violin V.2

•September 1, 2012 • 1 Comment

I am concentrating on hitting the proper strings so I have the intelli IMT-500 tuner attatched to my violin, I also refer to my violin wall chart (looks the same as a guitar wall chart). I also have been practicing my posture and how I cradle the violin on my thumb for easy movement.

Singing V.2

•August 28, 2012 • 1 Comment

Well I’m kind of intoxicated yet I’ve been compelled to sing this song for most of the night. Lets see if everyone likes it though! 🙂

Violin V.1

•August 23, 2012 • 1 Comment

30 minutes today isn’t so bad, a little hard on the fingers and my muscles are bloody sore but it just means I need to build up my strength and the padding on my fingers. I love watching videos of myself playing the violin; listening to the sounds of the notes, studying my bowing techniques and postural assessment, then making notes in my little book for the next time I practice. I think every wednesday I’ll post a video to see how good I’ve gotten with the violin and perhaps every thursday will be for my singing…

I also came across an article as I wondered how long people usually practiced their instrument. This particular article had me intrigued and so I figured I’d share it with the world!   How many hours a day should you practice?
Today was my offical practice day to, although I didn’t practice my singing –which is a kick in the butt– but I ended up falling asleep from exams making me pull all nighters this whole week.

Anyways, here’s my first “official” day on the violin. It might make you wince but it can only get better (I hope).


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I never realized just how much effort went into playing an instrument until I practiced my vocals and violin. My arms are so tired from my first day of practicing that I feel like there is this heavy weight on my arms. It is also noticable that I’m sweating like a pig just from my vocal practicing alone. I can only hope it gets easier as time passes…

On another note.

I’ve decided to make a wall dedicated to my accomplishments and/or whatever inspires me to continue on this path. I think I will also attempt to get up very early in the day once my exams are over — we’ll see how well that goes.

I am going to advance in a way you’ve never seen before.

Hours of Practice:
Singing: 8:15pm-9:15 Pm
Violin: 8:00-8:15pm (Sad, I know. I think I got frustrated and tired though…)