Aspiring 2

I’m so happy everyone is thrilled by my great excitement when it comes to practicing my instruments!

Lately I’ve been focusing my attention on technique so I don’t have any bad habits when it comes to me playing (bad habits are so hard to break…
:Here are some improvements that, in my opinion, I’ve made!

Violin: I am concentrating on hitting the proper strings so I have the intelli IMT-500 tuner attatched to my violin, I also refer to my violin wall chart (looks the same as a guitar wall chart). I also have been practicing my posture and how Icradle the violin on my thumb for easy movement.
Violin V.1

Violin V.2
Vocals: Using proper abdominal muscles, where the growl comes from in the throat and how to yell out my words with a ring to it

Vocals V.1

Vocal V.2

Guitar: I just started this instrument a few days ago and so far I’ve learned the first four cords to “Sweet Home Alabama” 🙂


~ by dsngage on September 1, 2012.

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