Aspiring 3

What a busy month it’s been!

I’ve managed to get myself a keyboard (Named Sylvia) from a friend, bought $70 in music books and have just started vocal lessons!

I like my vocal teacher and his beautiful house; he’s got all these beautiful instruments on display, a grande piano, sound proof room, studio for anyone to use (at a price of course) and he lives near my place so I simply bike over there! They said things were coming natural to me and that they could see me performing in a year. More on that when I write in my vocals catagory.

Everyday I try to do music theory for at least an hour if I can before I start playing any of my instruments.
Note name exercise stats:

Completed: 162
Errors: 24
Score: 87%
Time: 500 secs (8.33 minutes)
Average Time: 3.09 seconds


(I did pretty good on the note naming exercise but I’m still having a hard time relating the notes to the keyboard)


Piano key note reading exercise stats:

Completed: 68
Errors: 19
Score: 78%
Time: 500 secs (8.33 minutes)
Average Time: 7.35 seconds


Sometime soon I’ll be getting a bass. I spotted the most beautiful bass when I went hunting for one on Saturday but it was a $1,000 and that’s just unrealistic for a first bass. Maybe in a year, sure but not right now.

But it was truly a beautiful bass. Solid one piece body and neck of sanguine red with beautiful gold pegs and wonderful strings. I watched my friend Oscar play it (he’s a professional bass player) and even though I’m just a beginner and don’t really know too much about instruments, I was truly in love with this bass and all it’s beauty.


I love music so much…


~ by dsngage on September 24, 2012.

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